Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reply from Chipotle!!

Dear Friends,

Chipotle wrote to me this morning! I was very impressed with the promptness of their reply as well as their helpfulness in pointing me in the right direction. As seen below I was obviously excited by their letter.


First of all, WOW! Based on your website and your blog you look like you have a rather impressive background - especially with an opportunity like this one in Austraia! It's been a very long time since I've been there, but it's an amazing country and I can see your point of view in that this could be an excellent place for a Chipotle. Unfortunately, as we begin to look at expanding outside the US, Austria isn't quite on our radar - with us already having a location in London and in the process of building in Paris, we are working out way out that direction! It's emails like yours that help us know where we're wanted and where we might flourish the most. We have a team that scouts out different parts of the US (and the world) for us to build new restaurants and I will have them factor Austraia into their potential plans.

In regards to your desire to be our official Austrian ambassador, I admire your tenacity and how well thought out your plan is! I don't know how high I would encouage you to get your hopes, but I would say your best bet would be to check out our PHILANTHROPY section on our website ( where you can fill out a request. Once completed, it will be forwarded to the correct person for consideration. Just keep in mind that because of all the inquiries we get along these lines it can take from six to twelve weeks to process a request, so be sure to get your information submitted quickly.

I wish you the best of luck with your persual of your desired title of Chipotle ambassador to Austria as well as your endeavors in opera. You seem like a very ambitious woman and I'm sure you'll go far!



Thank you to Jeff for his kind reply! Now officially my favorite Chipotle employee.

This letter has only encouraged me to double my campaign efforts. I will be filling out a request today and I hope I can garner enough support from my friends online to make Chipotle seriously consider appointing me as ambassador to Austria. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Letters of reference, testemonials, or any exciting blog ideas would be much appreciated. 

What do you think of me doing a Lauren and Chipotle Burrito Friend Adventure: Kansas City Edition, blog post?  

Thank you all so much for supporting my cause, and helping me keep the ball rolling!!!!



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let the campaign for Official Chipotle Ambassador to Austria begin!

Dear Friends,

As of today I am officially beginning my campaign to be named the Official Chipotle Ambassador to Austria. Below is my letter to Chipotle requesting to be considered for this prestigious and currently
non-existent position. Please lend me your support by following me! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell strangers on the street!



Dear Chipotle,

My name is Lauren. I am a resident of Kansas City, Missouri and I visit your restaurants here frequently. I am a huge fan of your restaurant, not only for the delicious food, but also because of your efforts to help the environment with sustainable farming practices and naturally raised meats.

I recently graduated with my Masters degree from the University of Missouri- Kansas City in Voice Performance. I am an opera singer and I will be attending the prestigious American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS) in Graz, Austria this summer. You may be wondering, what is the connection between being an opera singer and burritos? The answer is: I am not sure. But I love both your burritos and opera and would like somehow to combine the two.

My proposition to you is that you allow me to be your official ambassador to Austria this summer. While I know that you do not have any restaurants in Austria (yet) I would like to spread the knowledge of the delicious Chipotle burrito around the world. I also would like to inform my fellow students at the American Institute of Musical Studies about your good work here in the United States.

I will bring a Chipotle burrito to Austria with me. Well….I’ll purchase a burrito before my trip, eat it, and then bring a faux burrito with me as a prop for photos. My burrito friend and I will go hiking, biking, attend musical performances, and perform in public concerts with orchestra in Graz. I will document our adventures and will blog about my experience while in Austria.  I believe that this will be a valuable tool for Chipotle to reach out to young adventurers and artists like myself. It will also be a great way to show Chipotle’s support of the community through arts funding.  I will even write an opera aria praising the virtues of Chipotle burritos and post it online if you would like me to.

What this all comes down to is the fact that I am looking for funding to pursue my dream of becoming a professional opera singer. I am asking that you make a donation to AIMS on my behalf. AIMS is a non-profit organization and all donations to them are tax deductible. Please visit their website at to learn more about the program. I have also already started my blog about my journey to Austria and am gaining support for my campaign as Official Chipotle Ambassador to Austria. Please consider me for this prestigious position. My blog address is

Thank you for your time and for helping a struggling artist!

Your Friend,


p.s. My favorite Chipotle burrito is your Vegetarian Burrito bowl with black beans, fajita vegetables, pico de gallo, roasted corn and GUACAMOLE!